A morning of Smoke and Haze over Sydney


The first sunlight showed a lovely blue sky and the city view clear and pink, but after about an hour we felt the smell of smoke and then the haze came in. Plan was to go and take a nice photo of the bridge in the haze after breakfast, it looked very nice from the flat.

When we did go for a walk, the smoke had thickened alot and we could not even see the city or the bridge from our normal view point in Waverton.

The light was spectacular though and it felt like being around a Valborgsbrasa… Now two hours later, it is clearing around the flat, but we are still not able to see the city or the bridge.IMG_2454 IMG_2441 IMG_2426

Sailing in Port Stephens – April 2016

Port Stephens Pano

Niclas had a great weekend sailing the Port Stephens regatta. Four days of Sailing in light winds with sunshine and good company on Wailea.

There are plenty of dolphins in Port Stephens and we had many of them swimming next to the boat during one race.

Colourful view of finishing boats
Colourful view of finishing boats


Niclas trimming the sails
Niclas trimming the sails
Skipper Neil in action
Skipper Neil in action
Cloudy on the last racing day - we avoided the rain though
Cloudy on the last racing day – we avoided the rain though
Spinnaker trimming - red filter applied
Spinnaker trimming – red filter applied
Weight to leeward
Weight to leeward

Visit to Barangaroo Park


One of the Easter days we visited Barangaroo Park, a new development in Sydney. The park is really nice and is opposite where we live in Waverton. We were fortunate that the weather was nice until we had walked around the whole park and were heading back home when the rain hit. Luckily we had one umbrella with us and were able to get into a coffee shop and have a ‘fika’ before heading home.

IMG_2342 IMG_2347

Behind the fence at Sydney Metro

We had a great day out to one of the Stations being built along the Northwest Metro, which Sanna is the part of the project where Sanna works. A warm day which started with fog and ended with a nice brunch on the way home.

Niclas, Susanna, Jessica, Fredrik, Oliver